3D Screen Magnifier for Phone


This screen magnifier is a perfect solution for small screens and low voice of your mobile phone. It helps you to protect your eyes from close viewing distance and radiation. With its Bluetooth speaker, you can experience the high and low sound effects of the theater diaphragm sound at any time.



3D Screen Magnifier for Phone

  • Compatible with all smartphones.
  • Non-sliding phone amplifier screen
  • 12 Inch HD screen magnifier with BlueTooth speaker
  • Build-in USB output port, can be used as an emergency power bank or charging your phone while watching movies.
  • Folding design for business travel. You can use this phone projector anywhere.
  • Easy to use, suitable for all the people, for kids, the old, and friends.
  • Two charging methods: 1. Battery charging(1*18650 rechargeable battery) as an emergency power bank to charge your phone. 2. Use the USB charging cable to charge directly.

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