Customized Shot Glass


This great-looking ceramic personalized shot glass is shaped like revolver cylinders that will make a great addition to your mancave or party. These cool shooters can hold 2 oz. of your favorite drink. This unique set is sure to get people talking and makes a fun icebreaker.



2 oz. Revolver Cylinder Personalized Shot Glass

  • Don’t think about stepping up to the party without your 50 Caliber Shots! The 50 Caliber has a reputation that supersedes all. It’s time for you to dig your heels in, brace yourself, and knock-back shots.
  • These great looking set of 2 ceramic shot glasses are shaped like 50 cal bullet casings that will make a great addition to the mancave.
  • The perfect gift for men and women in uniform that will surely give them a good laugh.

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