Bicycle Turn Signal Lights


Approximately 75% of accidents involving bicycles occur at major junctions and whilst turning. These are high-quality bicycle turn signals lights. These lightweight, durable, waterproof turn signals are easy to install and even easier to use.



Bicycle Turn Signal Lights WingLights – Bicycle Turn Signal Lights

WingLights are directional indicators and sidelights for bicycles that are mounted onto handlebars and are designed to help reduce near misses by making your direction intentions known and highlighting your position on the road. WingLights produce a bright flashing light when activated with one touch and can be seen from all angles, at any time of day. Up to 48 lumens for indicators and 10 lumens for sidelights.

Approximately 19,000 cycling accidents occur in the UK every year. In 2018, 3,500 of these resulted in serious injury or death. The aim to reduce these figures by helping increase cyclists’ visibility. Using WingLights as a supportive visual aid, drivers and other road users are more likely to notice you and your direction intent; lowering the chance of collision and helping increase confidence while riding.

Mag: The indicators are attached to powerful magnetic mounters that are firmly screwed into handlebars. They can be removed at all times and be carried anyway as a keyring by clipping them together. Made from high-quality aluminum.
Fixed: Once screwed in the indicators stay firmly in place in the handlebars, made from high-quality aluminum.
Pop: Fitted into the handlebars like the fixed but are made from plastic and are at an affordable price for the casual cyclist.

WingLights are 100% waterproof and durable and can be used in any kind of weather. The Mag & Fixed versions are made from high-quality anodized aluminum construct CNC machined and yet lightweight with a weight of only 125g. USB is fully chargeable in 30 minutes. Other models at battery operated (CR2032 & LIR2032). WingLights 360 models can also be used as sidelights for a permanent light function. Just press and hold to activate – with white (front) and red (back) LEDs highlighting the riders’ dimensions.

Thanks to their patented mounting system WingLights are easy to install, use & remove. They fit into handlebars with an inner diameter of 14.7mm to 23mm. Simply remove the existing plugs in your bicycle’s handlebars and the indicators will fit into them. Depending on the size of your handlebar cavity, you can adjust the size of the rubber nut to expand to fit the space until securely in place. Press once to activate flashing indicators and press again to stop. WingLights Mag indicators you can snap off the indicators and take them with you, they clip onto a carabiner (included) making them easy to store and carry. In 360 versions, press and hold to turn sidelights on or off, indicators can still be used, just press once to activate.



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