Yubico Fido Security Key

Are you tired of being hacked? With the Yubico Security Key NFC, you can protect your online accounts against unauthorized access. This FIDO-certified gadget is portable, durable, and works with a variety of online services and apps to make it extremely difficult for others to gain access. It’s also easy to use – just plug it into your USB port and tap it when prompted by an authentication app or site. It doesn’t get any easier than that!



Yubico Fido Security Key

The Yubico Security Key NFC is the world’s most protective USB and NFC security key that works with more online services/apps than any other. Once registered, each service will request you to insert the Yubico PC Security Key into a USB-A port and tap to gain access. It’s also NFC enabled so it can be used on Android and iOS devices as well! Extremely secure and durable, the Security Key NFC is tamper resistant, water resistant, temperature proof, shock proof, magnetic proof & corrosion proof

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