Selvim Phone Camera Lens


The Selvim camera lens for mobile phones is ideal for exploring advanced versatile photography and videography. These lenses are built to be long last with the premium aerial aluminum alloys. A phone lens gives you to capture outstanding minutes in your life.



Selvim 4K Phone Camera Lens

Top-notch multi-resistant coatings are adopted to these phone lenses to achieve up to 95% transmittance, highly represent the original colors into photos. Extra advanced coatings minimize ghosting and flaring and help to prevent smears and fingerprints on the lens. This lens kit turns your phone to be a go-to camera, enabling you to take various HD professional pictures and videos.

Telephoto lens – Magnify distant subjects and zoom in for vivid close-up shots of distant subjects. Fisheye lens – Create fun and unique circular mystical results picture. Macro lens – capture close-ups of small objects. 4K HD Wide angle lens, Capture a wide field of view. You can also use the telephoto zoom lens with the eyecup included as a monocular or a telescope.

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