How to Be the Perfect Size and Weight for High School Football Player

In this guide, we will thoroughly describe how important a footballer’s weight is. Weight creates a big impact on the weight of a football player. Mainly in a football match, a player’s performance depends on his weight and playing position. A player doesn’t need to be tall and muscular to be the best player.

After reading this article, you’ll know about the average size and weight of different players. Moreover, you’ll understand what number of calories a teen footballer needs. Normally Size and Weight are dependent on the age and the position of the player. But on average, a player of 6’1″ in height and 231 pounds in weight will have many advantages in the field. But normally, a high school player is not that big. At that age, players are gaining strength and develop their skills.

In football, size is not that important. You have to learn more about the food and the routine of a football player, which will help a player be the best player. A player who can play all of his abilities can be the best in a game.

A footballer at a teenage needs to know about how he can make a football season-best for him. He should make a 28-day meal plan, snacks list, how much, when, and what he needs to eat in every meal, and how he can achieve his goal weight. After gaining so much knowledge about this, you can feel how these tips help you perform your best.

How Big Should Football Players Be?

Football is a very intensive type of game. We thought players regularly train themselves to lose weight. But in the field, we see big players, especially linemen, are seen to be big. But why? It’s a very common question for every teen player and also for a supporter of the game.

Normally linemen maintain a special diet plan to keep them big. In a match, linemen don’t need to run that much, and they have to be big to block their opponent. To block a player of the opponent, a lineman needs a lot of strength and power.

Am I big enough to play football? It’s another common question of a teen football player. But he needs to understand that a college or a professional football has finished many training sessions to grow themselves and has had many extra years of training to bulk up. Teen players can’t compare themselves with a professional or a college player.

In football, the average size of a player depends on the position. In the last few years, we have seen average college football players was 6’1″ in height and 231 pounds. In a sense, it seems big.

Here we have provided a list of the average weights of college football athletes for different key positions.

Defensive Positions Average Height and Weight: 

  • Defensive Back: in height 5’11” and weight 186 pounds
  • Safety: in height 6’0″ 200 and weight pounds
  • Defensive Lineman: in height 6’3″ and weight 275 pounds
  • Linebacker: in height 6’1″, and in weight 224 pounds

Offensive Positions Average Height and Weight: 

  • Quarterback: in weight 6’2″ and weight 208 pounds
  • Offensive Lineman: in weight 6’4″ and weight297 pounds
  • Running Back: in weight 5’10” 205 and weight pounds
  • Tight End: in weight 6’4″ and weight 242 pounds
  • Wide Receiver: in weight 6’1″ and weight 191 pounds
  • Fullback: in weight 6’0″ and weight 190 pounds 234 pounds
  • Kicker: in weight 6’0″ and weight 190 pounds

These numbers of heights and weights could be exaggerated. Because in schools, players are often get listed as bigger than they are on their rosters.

In football, the size of the players varies on their position. Normally in defense positions, players have to give more importance to weight than on their height. On the other hand, the offensive player must be tall, and weight is not important. A wide receiver needs to cover most of the ground. That’s why they need to be lighter on their feet. A tall, heavy, and strong player can perform well in the lineman position, and a more athletic player can do well in the safety position.

It’s very tough to compare for a player who is just growing their skills. Because at this age, a teen football player’s body begins to get power and strength. It takes a lot of time to compare to this list as they are still growing. The difference in age makes a bigger spectrum of heights for teenagers.

Most of the teen football players doesn’t reach 6 foot in height. They are still growing at this age. They must focus on gaining muscle mass and weight according to their age and growth.

Football Players Fit or Fat?

Some football players have the problem of the consequences of excess body fat. They try their best to do physical exercise, but they can’t manage to make themselves fit the best of their ability.

The average number of players is getting bigger and bigger, and most of them try to maintain obesity for their size, even high schoolers. These athletes are trying their best to develop cardiovascular disease, diabetes, some cancers, and other chronic diseases associated with obesity.

Being fat or big isn’t bad for someone’s health, but it affects the composition of the player. We can classify obesity through BMI, but BMI doesn’t consider overall body composition, which is more important for assessing health risks.

The body composition of many football players is still concerning. The bigger football players, linemen especially, average almost 30% body fat composition, 25% and above is considered obese for males. Running backs, tight ends, and linebackers average 17% body fat. The healthy range is between 18-24% and even lower for athletes.

The body structure of many footballers is still there. Big footballers, especially linemen, have an average body fat of about 30%, 25%, and above are considered obese for men. Running backs, tight ends, and linebackers average 17% body fat. The healthy range is 18-24% and even lower for athletes.

That’s why it would be better for the high schoolers to try to gain muscle and not excess body fat as they tend to be bigger for a position.

Can Football Help You Lose Weight?

Excess weight can slow you down on the field. Football could help you lose weight if you burn more calories than you are taking with eating. A proper plan of a healthy diet and exercise regularly can help you maintain a balance calorie limit.

There are a lot of exercises to lose weight. You have to choose which exercises are best for you, and you can do them regularly.

A very important task you have to complete is to consult with a physician or a doctor if you want to lose weight to become the best player because you have to check whether this plan is appropriate for yourself. Sometimes, it brings a negative result for you and negatively impacts your performance as an athlete.

You must keep reading this article to find out the number of calories you have to burn during a football game and how many calories a teen football player needs. You will also know some tips and tricks for losing weight. There is also some advice for gaining weight for a school football player.

How Many Calories Do You Burn Playing Football?

It depends on your weight, the position of playing, and resting time. Most probably, you can burn about 300 to 800 calories per hour you have played.

As we know, calorie burn depends on weight too much. A teen football player can burn approximately 500 calories if his weight is 150 pounds. Again, A football player weighing 165 pounds could burn about 600 calories per hour of his playing time. And about 700 calories could be burned by a high school player whose weight is 200 pounds.

How Many Calories Do Football Players Need?

How to Be the Perfect Size and Weight for High School Football Player

Mostly it all depends on every footballer’s nutrient requirements. Some players say that they are taking around 8,000 calories per day. In different positions, players need to have different body shapes, strengths, and abilities to do different things. A lineman usually tries to block their opponents. That’s why they need to do more than other positions players. On the other hand, safety needs to be slim. After all, he has to be light on his feet because he covers all over the ground—That’s why an NFL safety might take around 4,000 calories per day.

Indeed, a high school football player doesn’t need to take so many calories as a professional. But they must take more calories than an average teen who is not active.

Teenagers normally eat more than any other people of different ages. Because at this stage, their appetites can be amazing because of their nutritional requirements. These teenage years are a time when appetites seem to be increasing, and their growth spurts occur.

Teenagers are always busy in a day. They also get involved in different games without football and do many household works also. That’s why they need too many calories to provide enough fuel for their bodies, support growth, and fuel physical activity. An average teenage male needs to take around 2,800 calories per day.

Those players who are training for 2 or more hours per day need to take extra calories, about 4,000 calories per day according to the weight of that player.

This Chart will give you a brief idea about the calorie ranges of teenagers:

Teenage Female Calorie Requirements:

AgeNot ActiveModerately ActiveActive

Teenage Male Calorie Requirements:

AgeNot ActiveModerately ActiveActive
14-152,000 – 2,2002,400 – 2,6002,800 – 3,000

From 2015 to 2020, Dietary Guidelines for Americans give the age margins of active, moderately active, and not active teenagers. Such as, a not active teen should do minimal activity per day. Moderately active teens do 30 to 40 minutes of physical activity per day, and active peoples do about 40 or more minutes of physical activity.

Many things create the calorie level for athletes like age, gender, physical activity amount, muscle, and many other factors. It is better to follow a general recommendation more helpful for teen athletes.

To be the best player in the game and perform continuously, teen athletes must focus on their fitness. Find a calorie level can be a good start for a teen. But it is also very important to know what physical activities are important and helpful for them. A teen athlete can track his regular 3 days of calorie intake. With this, he can get an idea of eating habits and understand how he can improve.

Teenagers don’t need to focus more on the number of calories he has to take. At this stage, he needs to eat proper foods at the right time. It would be best for a teen to create a plan for regularly eating in an entire day with 3 meals and 1-3 snacks. They need to listen to their hunger cues. It is very much helpful for a teenager. Teenager athletes can have a proper amount of food by practicing listening to their bodies to find out how much to eat to satisfy their hunger without having too much or too little.

Weight Loss Tips for Teenage Athletes

Normally a teenager doesn’t need to maintain a strict diet plan. Because at this stage, their body is just building up. It wouldn’t be a wise decision to keeping themselves on a diet. They need to eat smartly and at on perfect time. But some teenagers are overweight according to their age and height. They can maintain a proper diet after taking consultation with a physician or a doctor. But it would be better for a teenager to find a way to eat with strategy without maintaining a restrictive diet. Eating with an appropriate eating plan can help teenagers more than any diet.

Do Not Restrict Calories

Teenagers don’t need to focus on their weight much. It will harm more to a teenager if a teen footballer tries to cut weight at this stage because it is an important period of build-up and development in their life. Teenagers need to make healthy habits for themselves. Focusing on weight will create more panic in the life of teenagers and make a negative impact. Teenagers will find more benefits in their lifetime if they live a healthy lifestyle and eating proper foods. It will also manage their weight in a good range.

Teenagers must avoid low-calorie diet plans because it will create a great impact on a footballer’s performance. As low a teenager eats, they can’t get much power to perform at their top level.

Your endurance and energy levels will decrease, you will not be fast or strong, your endurance and strength will be affected, your risk of injury will increase, and your body will not recover properly after training and competition.

What Parents Can Do:

Teenagers can’t perform well without the help of their parents. Parents need to look after their children’s weight on a growth chart and consult with a doctor if they are concerned because their teen is overweight.

Never put your children on a diet. It will negatively affect children if they try to maintain a diet. They can’t grow and develop themselves at their peak time of building their skills and fitness. They also create an unhealthy relationship with food and negatively impact body image long term.

It would be best to consult a consultant with a pediatrician or a registered dietitian to create a healthier lifestyle for the whole family. Its result will come slowly, but these healthier habits will stick with your life.

Create an appropriate eating behavior at home. It depends on the parents to select which foods are healthier and serve the other family members at a perfect time. It is not suggested that to fill your table with unhealthy junk foods. You must prepare foods that are available and can be served at the right time. Teenage is the best time for the children to practice a nice eating habit.

Try to eat meals not in front of the TV. It would be best to find a way to maximize the number of activities for all families.

Keep your focus on your overall health, not weight. At this stage, teens should build up their lives but not lose their weight or diet. Teenagers shouldn’t talk much about weight. Parents don’t talk with their children about weight all time and talk with positive about their body children. The worst teenagers are those who always talk about their weight. But at this stage, teens must create a healthy relationship with food and overeat.

All the overweight children, to lose weight a don’t t need to maintain strict dieting. It’s recommended to practice healthy habits that will add up over time and benefit the long term.

How to Lose Weight For Football

How to Be the Perfect Size and Weight for High School Football Player

Do not strictly control calories. As an athlete, you do not want to lose weight quickly- you need to eat enough to maintain muscle mass and maintain your energy level. It will help you get the fuel you need through training and competitions as an athlete to function at your best.

If a young person controls too many calories, they may not get enough energy, but they also have a shortage of nutrients to support growth and development in their lives.

You should follow these steps to lose weight as a teen athlete.

1. Create a plan

Find out how many calories you burn in a day and create a plan for your diet. Eat about 200-500 calories less a day and plan to continue with regular exercise. You can’t expect that your weight will lose rapidly. Don’t lose more than 1/2 pounds to 1 pound per week.

Plan on 3 meals and 1-3 snacks throughout the day. Depending on your total calorie budget and overall goals, you will want your diet to be 500-1000 calories each and your snacks 100-100 calories each.

2. Be smart at mealtimes

To get the nutrients and calories your body needs to fuel, you need to eat enough of the main food groups. At mealtimes, you should fill your plate with 1/3 carbohydrates, your plate with 1/3 lean protein, and the last 1/3 vegetables.

If you do this, you will be filling up on nutritious foods low in calories but high in fiber.

3. Do not restrict carbohydrates

Don’t Cut Corps: Carbohydrates are the best fuel source for athletes. If athletes reduce their carbohydrate intake, they may feel more tired and have less energy during exercise. Carbohydrates come from grains, fruits, starchy vegetables, and dairy products.

Choose mostly whole grains instead of white pieces of bread/plates of pasta/crackers. Limit sweets, chocolate, treats, and other sugary foods and drinks.

4. Be hydrated

You have to ensure that you have taken enough water to hydrate yourself. Water can help you control some appetite and help you feel fuller faster during meals. In addition, as an athlete, you must be well hydrated, so you do not feel tired and light on the field.

Reduce the intake of soda, juice, and other sugary drinks. If you like to drink sweets, try replacing them with lemon water or a green smoothie.

5. Identify your problem behaviors

After reviewing your eating behaviors, you can find areas for improvement.

  • Eating more foods with extra sugars and solid fats,
  • Eating many refined grains,
  • Eating large portions of food,
  • Avoiding food,
  • Frequent eating of fast food,
  • Eating enough fruits and vegetables,
  • “Grazing” all day on packaged snacks high in sugar, sodium, fat, and calories
  • Drinking soda, juice, or coffee, which are high in sugar,
  • Eating for emotional reasons or when you are bored,
  • Do you eat in front of the TV, phone, computer, or other screen?

Trying to change everything about your eating habits can be overwhelming at once. Set a realistic goal this week, and you can choose 1-2 things like cutting down on soda or packing lunch instead of going out to eat. Start small to form a habit and then slowly work from there.

After changing these habits, you can be a better athlete and a healthier teen. You have to try your best to do the steps every day. Start a good practice is a big thing. Try to start changing your behaviors and continue with heart and soul. You can find your results slowly. You have to be very patient to get a great result.

How to Gain Weight For Football

In football, there is an average weight in different positions. If a footballer gains weight more than their recommended weight, it will affect harshly into his performance.

It is a sequential process for teens of high school footballers to gain weight. They need to make a plan that will allow them to find their short-term athletic goals while following appropriate nutrition recommendations for their age. They need to lead a routine life to gain success in every part of the games.

We were already told that weight and size depend on different things like age, height, and position. College and professional player have done so much training to come to this level. Teenagers need to understand that these professionals also pass their age, and they passed it appropriately. That’s why they gained success. So, the main focus of the teenager should be on their development and growth.

Maximum teens tend to gain weight in a quick time. But it is not possible. They have to focus on their nutrition plan and exercise to build muscle over time. That’s why they should make an appropriate nutrition plan and start to follow it regularly.

Suppose a teen has higher goals in this field. He has to do everything in the right way. He can take the help of his coach/parents/doctor/trainer first and try to set an appropriate goal for development.

Trainers have to do a lot of jobs to help their athletes to become a success. They need to focus on short-term athletic goals and how they affect long-term health goals. Quality sports nutrition and strength and conditioning programs can improve body weight while at the same time controlling the health effects of excessive weight gain.

Do not try anything excessively. Take proper rest in a day to refuel your strength every day. Never try any restrictive diets or extreme health trends. Eat enough protein, try to stay within your recommended calorie limits, train regularly, never take any performance-enhancing drugs, and don’t try to gain more than 1 pound per week. You have to check your body composition regularly.

The most important thing is patient for an athlete. They need to understand that they must gain success if they worked hard properly in the right way. They’ll be stronger, faster, and have more endurance. On the other hand, excess fat gained quickly would bring the opposite effects.


  • Adopting simple healthy habits is the best way to get a teen to an appropriate weight.
  • If you want to lose weight for football, speak with a doctor or registered dietitian to get the recommended weight according to your height and age. Dieting can negatively impact your performance as an athlete.
  • Playing football helps you burn hundreds of calories per hour and can be a great activity to complement a weight loss plan. Be sure to eat well and exercise to lose weight.
  • The best type of exercise you can do to lose weight is the type you enjoy and commit to regularly doing.
  • High school football players cannot expect to be as big as the pros or even college football players. Through more years of growth and training, they can develop more muscle mass and better body composition to be healthier and stronger.
  • High school football players need about 3,000-4,000 calories per day, depending on their age, weight, position, and activity level.
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-our editorial board has reviewed this article and has been approved for publication according to our editorial policy.

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