OWI 631 Air Power Racer

Have you ever wanted to build your own car? The Air Powered Racer Kit is a great way for kids and adults alike to learn about the basics of propulsion via compressed air. It comes with a built-in pump bar with pressure meter, so it’s easy to operate. You can use this kit to make any toy car that runs on compressed air!



OWI 631 Air Power Racer

The Air Powered Racer Kit is the perfect kit for anyone who wants to have fun and learn about how cars work. With this kit, you’ll be able to build your own car that will race at speeds of up to 15 mph!

You don’t need batteries or specific weather conditions in order for the car to run. It’s easy and safe enough for kids as young as 8 years old. And if they get tired of pumping, there’s a safety valve that will open automatically when the tank is full so they can stop pumping without any worries.

OWI Inc 631 Air Power Racer Kit, Recommended Ages 10+, Fun and Easy to Build, Safety Valve Will Open...
  • Recommended Ages 10+
  • Car is fast and furious fun that requires no batteries or specific weather conditions to limit its usage
  • Fun and easy to build
  • Safety valve will open and bleed the air automatically if the user keeps pumping while the tank is full
  • Detailed instruction manual included

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