HyperFast Iced Coffee Maker

You’re always on the go, and you need a quick way to make your coffee. The HyperFast Iced Coffee Maker is perfect for anyone who wants an iced coffee without waiting hours or days for it to cool down. It can chill a hot cup of coffee by up to 130 degrees in just 60 seconds! This 12.5-ounce container can also be used with other beverages like water, juice, tea, and more!



HyperFast Iced Coffee Maker

You’ve been looking for a way to make your coffee iced without the hassle of waiting for it to cool? The HyperChiller is perfect for those mornings when you need a quick pick-me-up but don’t have time to wait around for your iced coffee to cool down. It works with ALL types of coffee makers whether you brew at home or go out and grab a cup from Starbucks – just fill up the HyperChiller with ice water, put it on top of your mug, and watch as it chills your drink in seconds!

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