Pop-Up Fire Pit


This lightweight fire pit is easy to set up in about a minute and cools down very quickly. Also, it allows for better airflow, which means hotter fires with less smoke. So, take this portable pop up a fire pit on your next adventure to enjoy a fire with extra peace of mind.



Pop-Up Fire Pit

For decades the fire pit has remained virtually unchanged. Traditional fire pits are dirty, smokey, heavy, and worst of all leave permanent scars on the earth beneath them.
Set out to invent a new easier way to enjoy campfires. Lightweight and clean-burning the Pop-Up Pit can be set up without tools on any surface in under 60 seconds.

State of the art design and engineering went into building this next generation fire pit. Every aspect has been precisely tuned to be as efficient, yet user-friendly as possible.
Manufactured using only the highest quality aluminum and stainless steel the Pop-Up Pit will outlast any fire pit you’ve ever owned.

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