Velu Rave Face Mask


This Velu Rave 2 in 1 face masks DIY is more breathable than any other bandannas. It’s made from recycled plastics. There are 15+ ways to wear it. You can wear it for dust, festivals, outdoors, etc. Also, it can protect your face from sunburn.



Velu Rave Face Masks DIY

Lightweight, Breathable, and Multi-functional Bandanas made from Recycled Materials

These double-sided printed bandanas will keep you breathing in style. This multi-functioning bandana can also be worn as a face mask, headband, beanie, handkerchief, du-rag, cravat, crop top, wristband, hair tie, and more! You can even hang it on your wall in between uses since it’s a large 2 x 2 feet square!

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