Million Dollar Cube Money Table

Have you ever wanted a million-dollar money table in your home? Well, now is the time! This functional art piece will look fabulous in any room of your house. It’s 18 inches all around and looks just like a huge block of cold hard cash. You can use it as an end table or even as a coffee table if you really want to show off. It comes with its own set of keys so that no one steals it while you’re not looking!



Million Dollar Cube Money Table

Do you want to be rich?

The Million Dollar Cube Money Table is a decorative cube table perfect for home and office providing a functional art piece of furniture and a great source of wealth motivation. Designed & Handmade in USA Material: Wood & Vibrant Damage Resistant Laminated Matt Vinyl with Infinite Edges. Hollow Interior. Dimensions: Perfect Cube 18″ W 18″ H 18″ D ” This order includes 2 free art Wallets!

Million Dollar Cube Money Table Perfect Cube
  • This order includes 2 super cool free art Wallets
  • No Assembly Required
  • Attention Grabber
  • Scratch Resistant Lamination
  • Great for home, office, bar and lounge

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